T-18 days!!! :-D

My favorite beach on the island of Obbola (where I live). It’s called “Vitskärsudden.”

I’ve been a bit slow updating this blog lately, since I unexpectedly got myself a full time job for a couple weeks. A very welcome development, I was very much delighted! Also, summer finally came to Umeå, and I’m enjoying it as much as I possibly can! 🙂

Anyway–it’s only 18 days left now until we board that plane to New York… and needless to say it feels totally surreal!!! In fact, it feels even weirder since we finished all the booking just a couple weeks ago, and haven’t spent any time at all checking for flights and hotel, it’s like the trip is a fantasy that will never happen for real! I guess things won’t really sink in until we’re actually in our seats on that plane, and the captain says “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard…”

From now on, I’ll try to update on a more regular schedule, and from the day we set out, my goal is to update at least once on a daily basis (depending of course on the Internet availability!)

Anyway–underneath the cut is our now complete schedule (will include it in the “about this blog” section as well): Continue reading T-18 days!!! 😀

Booking night/documentary progress


So, tonight I and Erika had another “trip planning session” and now we actually know that we’ll be arriving in Toronto on August 14, at 12:49 pm! 😀

Needless to say, it feels totally surreal!!!

We’ve also booked some hotel rooms and domestic flights within the US. You’ll find the detailed schedule for our trip by clicking on the “Continue reading…” tab.

I also got the “raw cut” from our RCW 139 documentary entry back from my filmmaker friend today. He’s done an awesome job–and now when we’ve given him our approval, he’s going to give me the final version within the next couple days!

So, this is what we know about the trip, so far… Continue reading Booking night/documentary progress

…and now I’ve already got my souvenir as well! ;-)

In a previous entry I mentioned that I’ve already got my hands on some very cool (and signed) due South merchandise.

Today, I was visiting a local flea market, and suddenly, I found this, sitting in a corner:

Souvenir of Canada, found in a local Umeå flea market!

I have no idea how this plastic tray had made its way to a flea market in Umeå, but now I already have my signed merchandise, AND my souvenirs! No need to bring any spending money at all, then, eh! 😉

Just booked a hotel room at the Marriott!


(Yes, I know. But I couldn’t resist posting this screen cap from, well, you guessed it, “Gift of the Wheelman…”)

Following a very hectic (but equally wonderful) Christmas with my parents and “extended Swedish/Brazilian family” I’ve now returned to my own home, on an island just outside Umeå. After plowing through the mandatory pile of mail on the door mat, unpacking my suitcases and TLC:ed my car (and my plants) back to life, I could finally proceed with the convention planning. Continue reading Just booked a hotel room at the Marriott!

First (and last) part of the trip is now booked!

Today makes a very special day, since I and Erika booked the first (and technically also the last) part of our transatlantic trip–in fact, the actual transatlantic part of the trip! 😉


Now it’s decided: We’ll be leaving Sweden on August 1, 2014 and return on August 19, 2014! Needless to say, we’re excited beyond words… Continue reading First (and last) part of the trip is now booked!