Just booked a hotel room at the Marriott!


(Yes, I know. But I couldn’t resist posting this screen cap from, well, you guessed it, “Gift of the Wheelman…”)

Following a very hectic (but equally wonderful) Christmas with my parents and “extended Swedish/Brazilian family” I’ve now returned to my own home, on an island just outside Umeå. After plowing through the mandatory pile of mail on the door mat, unpacking my suitcases and TLC:ed my car (and my plants) back to life, I could finally proceed with the convention planning.

Today, I met up with Erika and now we’ve booked the hotel room at the Marriott, Toronto! The arrival/departure date *might* change, but at least, now we’ve ensured that we’ll be accommodated during the convention.

After a very relaxing swim over at a local gym I returned home, just in time to listen to Following the Nerd’s  podcast, which featured John Wright from the RCW 139 committee. He shared some exciting news–apparently they’re planning to present a fan made due South documentary at the convention, and we’re all invited to participate! Wow!

I don’t know whether I, personally, have so many “interesting” things to contribute with, considering that I’ve only been a dueSer for a couple years. Though due South has been a great help and inspiration through difficult times, I still can’t compete with the “die hard” fans who discovered the series during its original run. But we’ll see…

I also added some links to the link menu. Followingthenerd.com is a must-see site… And Tina is another Swede (from Ystad, on the other side of the country…)  who’s attending the convention.