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T-18 days!!! :-D

My favorite beach on the island of Obbola (where I live). It’s called “Vitskärsudden.”

I’ve been a bit slow updating this blog lately, since I unexpectedly got myself a full time job for a couple weeks. A very welcome development, I was very much delighted! Also, summer finally came to Umeå, and I’m enjoying it as much as I possibly can! 🙂

Anyway–it’s only 18 days left now until we board that plane to New York… and needless to say it feels totally surreal!!! In fact, it feels even weirder since we finished all the booking just a couple weeks ago, and haven’t spent any time at all checking for flights and hotel, it’s like the trip is a fantasy that will never happen for real! I guess things won’t really sink in until we’re actually in our seats on that plane, and the captain says “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard…”

From now on, I’ll try to update on a more regular schedule, and from the day we set out, my goal is to update at least once on a daily basis (depending of course on the Internet availability!)

Anyway–underneath the cut is our now complete schedule (will include it in the “about this blog” section as well): Continue reading T-18 days!!! 😀