Christmas came early this year!


This doesn’t exactly have to do with the trip, but I just *have* to show you some really nice stuff I won at an Ebay auction about a week ago. The package arrived today… and I was very pleasantly surprised!




The first item I unpacked  was the water bottle. Obviously, it hasn’t even been used, since the user instruction notes were still inside! To be honest, I was in need of a good, sturdy water bottle for choir practice and the upcoming Christmas concert, and this one will be excellent. 🙂

And for those of you who wonder–yes, I think all the episode names from the first season are included…



The second item unpacked was the bag. I expected it to be a backpack, but it’s more like a larger purse with only one strap. It’s a little bit stained, but hardly noticeable–and I’m intending to clean it tomorrow–very carefully. It will easily fit an iPad, a smaller camera…


…and it even has a pocket for the water bottle on the outside! Very convenient! 🙂

I felt the tip of a needle sticking out through the fabric of the back pocket, and when I looked inside, I found this:


Pretty neat. 🙂



The next item was the Fraser sweatshirt, and I actually had a good laugh as I unwrapped it. I just naturally assumed it would be too small–I’m by no means a small girl and sweaters always tend to be too tight at the top. I had not counted on that I’d be able to wear this… but it turned out it’s a perfect fit, so now I’ve got no excuses! 😛

And while I do have a hard time imagining that Fraser would ever pose for such a shot, it’s a really nice pic of Paul Gross indeed… ehrm, well, moving right on…



The next item was a teddy bear dressed up as a Mountie, complete with miniature Stetson and dress uniform. Really sweet.




Then, there was a DVD featuring the RCW 139 2010 convention. Haven’t watched it yet–but I will as soon as I’ve got time. I’m looking forward to familiarize myself with your faces so I know what you look like when I finally get to meet you! 🙂



Aaand… finally, there was a Stetson replica, which apparently had been signed by many of the actors who attended the convention. While I hope to get some of my own items signed next year, this one’s still a pretty nice piece of memorabilia to own.







…and .

To sum it up–this package definitely met my expectations, in fact, I was very positively surprised. And, for those of you who wonder–I only spent about $26 plus the shipping fee. Definitely worth it, eh? 😉


I am sorry about the quality–or rather lack thereof–of the pictures. It’s almost impossible to take good pics of anything inside my apartment after dark. And since we hardly have any daylight at all these days… well, you get the… picture.


In other news, Erika is currently in the hospital after a successful gastric bypass surgery. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers and wish her a fast recovery without complications!

2 thoughts on “Christmas came early this year!

  1. Anna, NEAT!!!!!!!! How lucky is that! I cannot believe the Stenson and the autographs… priceless, and I am sure that is the only one. Good for you money well spent.

  2. Yays for due South and your awesome eBay win!

    (And, hey, that goddess statue on top of your bookcase…I have one just about exactly like it.)

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