The RCW139 documentary shooting

So, this Wednesday, we shot the documentary footage for our contribution to the RCW 139 fan documentary!

Unfortunately I can’t give you a preview, but let’s just say I’m SO very grateful to have a filmmaker for a friend… and a gospel choir at our disposal!


We had great fun, and looking at the end result I can only say that all our expectations were met–in fact, it turned out WAY better than expected. And Erika is an awesome singer!!!

Now we’ll just make a “rough cut” and submit it to the RCW 139 film team… and then it’s up to them to decide just how much (and what) they’ll include in the final cut. I can’t wait to see the this movie–and I’m so looking forward to seeing our fellow dueSers contributions!

Is it August yet? 😉


1 thought on “The RCW139 documentary shooting

  1. Sounds great, can’t wait either for August to come along. Too bad we live too far away from eachother or I could have helped out/been with you too.

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