Breakfast at The Patrician and some shopping!

IMG_7832Erika at the Patrician Grill. Note the painting in the background!

After sleeping for eight *wonderful* hours in this fantastic bed, I woke up to a cold, but lovely Toronto morning! We weren’t exactly in a hurry to get out, but when we did, we headed straight to the Patrician Grill for a late breakfast, or an early lunch.

It’s lovely to be back! This time, Terry had a lot of his own paintings on display, and we talked quite a lot about them with Terry and his really nice staff.

IMG_8169Looking forward to breakfast much? Erika catches me at a somewhat awkward moment when I’m trying not to drool. 😉

As usual, breakfast was very lovely as well. We had pancakes with a side of bacon, and maple syrup of course! 😀


After that, we took a walk around downtown Toronto, and eventually ended up at the CF Eaton Center… where Erika wasn’t to do any shopping today, just check things out a little. An hour later, she walked out of “Victoria’s Secret” carrying two shopping bags. 😉

IMG_1031Looking for free WiFi while Erika shops at Victoria’s Secret…

We were walking around in the other stores in the mall for a bit as well, and then we went back to the hotel room to meet Tiffany from the UK, who’s going to stay here with us for three nights. It’s awesome to see her again!

IMG_4271A typical Toronto view; new houses built around the old ones.

Later in the evening, we just went out to grab a light dinner at the same mall. And I could actually make up my mind straight away about what I should eat this time, even though the food court was huge! That’s how I define “progress”! 🙂

FullSizeRenderThe CN Tower at night

I also made my first real purchase here–the Hyena Road paperback edition of the book based on the Hyena road movie!

So, tomorrow will be the day when we’ll finally get to see “Domesticated”! Needless to say, it feels pretty surreal at the moment…