Checking out high tech “snyrtingar” and chasing sunsets!


So, today was the big day that we’d been waiting for since May, when we booked our flights and tickets! 🙂

After enjoying a delicious bowl of crayfish soup for lunch at Arlanda, it was finally time to board the flight for Reykjavik, Iceland! Well, at least, so we thought. 😉 As Erika was showing her ticket to the controller at the gate, he said “Berlin, right?” with a very serious look on his face. For a moment, we looked at him with fear and confusion, but then he started laughing, and said “enjoy your flight to Iceland!”

…and off we were! 🙂

Flying with Iceland Air was a new experience in itself. Most of their aircraft are equipped with a beautiful Aurora Borealis simulator, projecting wave patterns in shining colors at the ceiling. While it certainly didn’t look quite like the *real* thing, it was still a pretty nice touch.


It’s also the first time I’ve heard this much Icelandic being spoken. It’s a very unique and beautiful language, and while you certainly do recognize some words, it mostly sounds like “hurskurfurgur, hurskurfurgur” to Swedish ears. 😉

For instance, these are the “life west located under your seat” instructions…IMG_0654

It’s a very interesting experience to cross multiple timezones, and we actually thought it would be totally dark before we landed in Iceland. But fortunately, we were wrong! And while we, because we only had an hour until the next flight, didn’t get to look around much, it was a really fascinating. Next time, we’re actually talking about staying a few days on Iceland and then continue to Canada or/and the US.

IMG_5170Approaching Reykjavik

IMG_0868An army of tractors clearing the runways at Keflavik airport

At least we learned *one* new word today:


In fact, these “snyrtingar” must have been the most technically advanced I’ve ever seen; self cleaning, with a combined auto water tap and hand drier, along with auto flushing…

Eventually we boarded the last flight, and it went very smoothly. It’s rather weird crossing the Atlantic at this hour, since you’re literally chasing the sunset, and for a while there, your senses get totally confused. However, it’s also stunningly beautiful.


We landed exactly on schedule in Toronto… and what can I say, but that I still just love Canada and Toronto and how friendly everyone is to strangers here!

For instance, the bus driver let us ride for free from the airport since we hadn’t had the chance to withdraw some money… words can’t describe how grateful we were!

Also, we happened to meet another Swedish woman on the bus, who is now mostly living in Toronto. She was going in the same direction, so she could guide us through the underground system, helping us to find the right trains on the spot. Yet another thing to be grateful for!


The hotel (Hotel Victoria) turned out to be very nice, with fantastic beds… and now I’m just about to crawl down under the covers of mine. After being awake for nearly 24 hours, we will try and catch up on a little sleep tomorrow, before the rest of the (informal) group arrives! 🙂