Reviving the blog!

Martha-Burns-and-Paul-Gross-in-Domesticated.1Martha Burns and Paul Gross in “Domesticated”

I’ve put this off for *far* too long, and though I should have posted a full convention story, it just didn’t happen! Part reason is that there already are many great convention stories out there, available via I just sort of let the pictures speak for themselves! 🙂

Anyway… this Sunday… in two days, that is, we (well, that’s Erika and I) are re-visiting Toronto to see Martha Burns and Paul Gross on stage in “Domesticated!!!”

To be honest, it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Words can’t describe how much I’m looking forward to seeing this couple on stage. They are both awesome actors, and they haven’t been on stage together since 1983 or so (if you don’t count “Slings And Arrows” of course, but now we’re talking live stage!)

Also, about fifteen or so other dueSers/fans of Canadian films and media will be in Toronto during these days, and we’re hoping to meet as many as possible. We’ve also booked a murder mystery dinner with Tom Melissis and others, which will, no doubt be a thrilling experience.

There’s one more thing left before I leave Sweden, and that is to attend the amazing “Stockholm International Horse Show” with my mum, which is a yearly tradition. And on Sunday, Erika and I are off, leaving Arlanda (Stockholm) traveling via Iceland and further on to Toronto…

So, people… stay tuned to this blog and my Twitter account, @daStraycat! 🙂