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RCW139 due South Convention “Thank You Kindly” Day 2 gallery

Here are some pictures from day 2 of the RCW139 “Thank You Kindly” convention. No time to add comments, but as I mentioned in my first convention related entry, I’ll give you a full story once I get home!

Oh, and before we move on to the galleries, here is our contribution to the RCW139 documentary–“Ride Forever” sung by the Great Joy Gospel Choir of Vasakyrkan, Umeå! Feel free to share the link if you like it. 🙂

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First post!


Welcome to our new  Wordpress blog dedicated to share the preparations, anticipation and excitement for our trip to the RCW 139 due South convention on August 15-17 2014 in Toronto!

For more information about who we are, please read “About this blog.”

Comments and feedback are welcome, but keep in mind that we’re in no way affiliated with either Alliance Films or the RCW 139 organization committee.

This is us, signing up for the RCW 139 convention!